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Mark Franklin has been in the bike trade for an age, and cur­rently runs the Light­ning Quar­ter Garage (light­ningquar­ter­garage.com), a spe­cial­ist trader in rare bikes and cars in West Sus­sex.

“Here’s three bikes that could be the next thing to go up in value:

“Yamaha YZF750R. Look at FireBlade prices now – it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore the op­po­site num­ber from Yamaha goes the same way…

“Yamaha TRX850. Much un­der­val­ued and if you have a stan­dard one (like I do!) then they should do well, as they weren’t brought in in huge num­bers (I used to sell them at Hamil­tons new in ’96).

“TDR125. Good TDR250s are reach­ing in ex­cess of £5.5K now, from around £2,700/£3,200 two years ago – how long be­fore they go the way of RD500s and peo­ple start look­ing at the 125s? Again, most were crashed or stolen, and my ra­tio­nale is not far out, look­ing at cur­rent FS1E and RD125 prices too!”

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