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Hi ev­ery­one, I’m still at the Isle of Man TT right now, on the penul­ti­mate day of rac­ing, and the weather is still shite. We’ve just learned the se­cond Su­per­sport race has been can­celled com­pletely, but they’re hop­ing to­mor­row (Fri­day) they can run the TT Zero and the big one, the Se­nior TT, which of course will take pri­or­ity. There is a backup plan to run on Satur­day, how­ever the weather fore­cast looks ap­palling. Plus it would then clash with other races on the Is­land and other ac­tiv­i­ties. So Su­per­sport race 2 has gone, but I wouldn’t mind if the TT Zero misses out. I re­ally want it to suc­ceed, I re­ally do, but this year only the Mu­gens have ap­par­ently made it all the way around so there could pos­si­bly be only two on the podium! Maybe Guy Martin will fi­nally get his TT win on it, but then Guy is all over the place given what’s hap­pened, and he’ll have to beat Bruce An­stey on the other Mu­gen, though Bruce looks like he’s ready to go out to pas­ture this year, frankly. As for Honda, what on earth is go­ing on with them? The new Honda boss guy, Jonny Twel­ve­trees, looks a bit like a rab­bit in the head­lights right now when­ever we in­ter­view him, the poor fella looks like he has no idea what to say. And ev­ery­one at the TT is protecting Guy, with him be­ing so pop­u­lar, by as­sum­ing the new Fireblade is just a piece of crap. I’ve heard word of an is­sue with the gear­box, or the shifter, and even McPint al­luded to it a lit­tle in one of our in­ter­views and Guy’s crash was due to a missed gear, or a false neu­tral, or some­thing. There was even a ru­mour do­ing the rounds that McGuin­ness asked some­one at Honda not to let Guy race that bike in the Se­nior, which sounds pretty con­cern­ing, if true. But Guy’s crash, holy cow, I don’t think he should race the Se­nior now, his head’s gone. He should get on the TT Zero podium and then walk away this year. After his big crashes at the TT in the past, this one was amaz­ing as oth­ers have been killed there be­fore like Phil Mel­lor, but Guy mirac­u­lously bounced and walked away. What was weird was Guy didn’t even ap­pear to tip it in or make the cor­ner, I won­der if he got tar­get fix­a­tion? It’s clear Honda would have wanted Guy aboard for many rea­sons, maybe to win his first race, but for the ob­vi­ous cov­er­age he’d gar­ner. But it’s come back to bite them in the arse hard as ev­ery­one here, the fans etc. are calling the bike a piece of shit. It’s a bit of a Rossi/Ducati sce­nario! Honda are in the crap right now, get­ting a beat­ing in GP, For­mula 1, the Indy 500, WSB and Road Rac­ing, they’re in the wars al­right.

Many of us were sur­prised that Michael Dun­lop was over a minute be­hind Ian Hutchin­son in the Su­per­stock race, and I’d love to know why this was, but then he’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to talk to here. He even left Steve Plater (who’s his mate, ap­par­ently…) and a film crew wait­ing for ages the other day for an in­ter­view – four hours later they found out he’d gone off to Jurby in­stead! How happy he’ll be with the Suzuki re­mains to be seen, but then MV Agusta is about the last man­u­fac­turer left he hasn’t raced be­fore if it hasn’t gone well. I must say, if I was Suzuki’s spon­sor I’d want the main rider, Michael, talk­ing to the press and TV folks, wouldn’t you? He’s a char­ac­ter al­right!

I did for­get to say that at the North West 200, after his amaz­ing win there, we stitched Glenn Ir­win right up. I have fake park­ing tick­ets, stuck one on his car then got some cops to pose pre­tend­ing to give it to him. He went ab­so­lutely bonkers, it was bril­liant! Fly­ing around the TT course in Plum­met Air­ways with Peter Hick­man was also fab, they said don’t go un­der 1,000 feet but, erm, I may have knocked four-fifths off that fig­ure at times!

I must say I’m so sad about Nicky Hay­den, what a pity, he was fan­tas­tic. Why does it al­ways seem to hap­pen to the nice guys, too? I guess given that fact I’ll al­ways be okay! But RIP, Nicky, I’ll miss you loads.

I should also of­fer con­grat­u­la­tions to An­drea Dovizioso on his amaz­ing Mugello win, and of course send all our best to James Whitham who is cur­rently go­ing through treat­ment for can­cer which has flared back up after a cou­ple of decades. We miss you at the TT, Whit’, get well soon my old mate! Right, I’m off to en­joy the last few days at the TT, one thing its done re­ally well with is the fans, I’ve never seen so many Amer­i­cans and Aussies here. Hope­fully next year they’ll come again and the weather will be bet­ter!

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