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When it comes to parting with your hard earned cash, it’s nice to know that you’re not wast­ing it on duff prod­ucts. And to give you that re­as­sur­ance, we’re rat­ing ev­ery­thing we can get our filthy mit tts on...

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ROCK OIL DIRTBLASTER TESTED BY: Bruce MILES: 6,000 TIME: Ages and ages PRICE: £5.99 (1 litre) WEB: www.rock­ TEL: 01925 636191

Clean­ing bikes isn’t some­thing I look for­ward to, but Rock Oil’s Dirtblaster has s helped to ease that oth­er­wise painful exp pe­ri­ence. It’s fan­tas­tic at re­mov­ing dirt, flies, tyre de­bris and oils with very lit­tle ef­fort. Spray y it on, leave it to soak and then blast away wi th a pres­sure washer. It re­ally is that straightf for­ward. The only thing to flag up is that if yo ou leave the bike to dry nat­u­rally, the spray canc leave some ran­dom white marks on your p las­tic, so I’ve typ­i­cally got a rag out and given n the bike a bit of a wipe down – what a marty yr! If you like to keep your bike clean­ing time too a min­i­mum, this stuff’s es­sen­tial.

TCX RT-RACE TESTED BY: Carl MILES: 2,000 TIME: 6 months PRICE: £249.99 WEB: www.tcx­ TEL: 01525 270100

Yes, it may look like a ri ival boot but these new TCX kicks are the real deal. Firstly, they look and feel in­cred­i­bly well made, annd with a choice of colours they are pretty damn snazzy. For­tu­nately (or un­for­tu­nately for test­ing) I haven’t been down the road in my set yet, but thanks to an ab­so­lute tone of safety fea­tures they re­ally do feel se­cure and like a high end boot.

They are com­fort­able to walk around in, i don’t piss wa­ter in like some born and bred race boots and are an ab­so­lute steal for the price. Zarco seems to be go­ing well in them, and they brought me my first BSB podium which says it all when it comes to track per­for­mance. I re­ally do like them and for that rea­son I’ve been wear­ing them on an al­most daily ba­sis. Aside from pong­ing a bit from my smelly feet, they’re wear­ing re­ally well, with no real sign of dam­age to the soles, as you typ­i­cally get with race boots. Fin­gers crossed they stay that way.

FORCEFIELD TOR­NADO AD­VANCE BALA­CLAVA TESTED BY: Bruce MILES: 2,500 TIME: 1 year PRICE: £16.99 WEB: www.force­field­bod­ TEL: 01933 410 818

That colder, darker and typ­i­cally more de­press­ing pe­riod is headed our way (sorry to bring you the bad news)) and so

I want to share this lit­tle gem with you. It was my go-to item last win­ter, keep­ing the pesky cold from reach­ing my del­i­cate skin thanks to its cleever anti-bac­te­rial, wind-block­ing ther­mal fab­ric which some­how you can still breathe through, pre­vent­ing youu from pass­ing out – what will they thinnk of next?

It’s per­fect for win­ter rid­ing, bank jobs and many more mis­de­meanour rs you might have planned. It’s also wa­ter-re­sis­tant, quick dry­ing – if youy do get caught out in a storm– and bloody com­fort­able towear, with no ir­ri­tat­ing seams to crush against your nog­gin. I can’t rec­om­mend it enough.

KABUTO RT3 33 TESTED BY: Carl MILES: 4,500 TIME: 1 year PRICE: £329.99 WEB: www.kab­u­toeu­ TEL: +31 (0)70 320 404 14

Yes, it’s a hel­met brand you’ve prob­a­bly never heard of be­fore but in aall fair­ness, it’s been a de­cent lid. It’s worth re­mem­ber­ing that they are bud­get com­pared to your top spec coun­ter­parts, but it does put up a good bat­tle against the big names. I’ve found it to be one of the com­fi­est lids to ever grace my nog­gin, even though the wind noise is a

li ttle on the loud side at speed. It’s pretty sta­ble, feels the part and I’ve had a pretty big crash at Craner Curves (120mph-ish) in a dif­fer­ent Kabuto lid and it re­ally stood up to the job. Sur­pris­ingly good, and the money you save will buy a snazzy paint job!

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