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As any de­cent en­durance racer will tell you, fastest laps alone won’t win you an en­durance race. But these golden nuggets will…


Prep your bike prop­erly. Make sure it’s fit to go the dis­tance, with nuts and bolts se­cured, ev­ery­thing lock wired and all nec­es­sary lev­els up where they need to be. Fig­ure a strat­egy be­fore the race kicks off. You should know how long the race is, how long you’ll get out of a tank of fuel and how fit you are. Make sure every­one un­der­stands how long each stint will last, and how you’re go­ing to sig­nal a pit stop. Be pre­pared to be flex­i­ble in a race. Some­times a safety car’s de­ploy­ment can make or break your race. Use your head to make the most out of chang­ing sit­u­a­tions, and be pre­pared to go the ex­tra mile if it’s set to give you an ad­van­tage.


Don’t go wan­der­ing off from the pit­lane mid-race. You never know when your team­mate might have to pit, so be there and be pre­pared. Don’t go men­tal try­ing to pull off last minute lunges when you’ve got hours of rac­ing to do. It’ll only end in tears. Get into a rhythmwith your rid­ing and plan ahead when and where you can make the clean­est and most ef­fi­cient passes. Don’t ride hun­gry or thirsty. Just like your bike, you’ll need plenty of fuel in your tank, so eat high-carb prod­ucts and take in plenty of flu­ids, be­fore and dur­ing the race.

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