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Mark Neate should be a fa­mil­iar face if you’re into your track­days, but the CEO of No Lim­its should also be noted for his ef­forts to es­tab­lish a cred­i­ble en­durance scene here in the UK. We fired a few ques­tions his way…

Why in­tro­duce an en­durance se­ries?

We al­ways wanted to get into rac­ing, but we just thought we’d stick to what we know best: track­days. But then MSV ap­proached us and said they had kicked off an en­durance se­ries and won­dered whether we’d take it on and run it for them. That was five years ago. It was a sim­ple one day for­mula, where peo­ple would just turn up, race and head home. We did five meet­ings that first year and we made the de­ci­sion that we ei­ther do things prop­erly, or not at all.

We de­cided to go all out and we’ve never looked back. In that first year there were some­times fewer than 20 teams com­pet­ing, whereas nowa­days we can see over 60 teams at any one of our en­durance meet­ings, with well in ex­cess of 100 riders com­pet­ing. It’s been a huge suc­cess for us, and that’s down to the pas­sion of those who race with us, and the team that works so hard to pull these gigs off.

Who’s en­durance aimed at?

You’ve got your hard­core Na­tional level rac­ers at the front, but there’s also a large part of the grid that’s made up of less ex­pe­ri­enced riders who’re mak­ing the tran­si­tion from track­days into rac­ing. I think that’s why the se­ries has proven so suc­cess­ful for us.

As a track­day com­pany, we know that some of our cus­tomers are a lit­tle daunted at the thought of do­ing sprint rac­ing, but the flow of an en­durance race is so less pres­sured. It’s a much more strate­gi­cal ex­pe­ri­ence that can be won or lost over the course of many hours, rather than a few hand­fuls of laps. It’s also much more of a team event. It’s not too se­ri­ous, and new­bie rac­ers re­ally like that. It works for every­one.

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