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Back­ing it in al­ways looks cool. I tend to try and keep it to a min­i­mum but there is so much you can do with engine brak­ing to make it eas­ier. The best way to get the bike back­ing in is to go down the ‘box sev­eral gears with the clutch in, then re­lease it to cause the rear wheel speed to lock up – this is be­cause the front and rear wheel speeds are dras­ti­cally dif­fer­ent, so the rear is try­ing to over­take the front. You can con­trol the ex­tent of the slide by al­ter­ing how much clutch you re­lease. Al­ways start small and build up slowly, prefer­ably on a wide part of track where you’ve got space to run wide or pick the bike up if need be. Have fun, but stay safe.

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