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TESTED BY: Bruce MILES: 7,000 TIME: 9 months PRICE: £699.99 WEB: www.feri­ TEL: 01384 413841 I’m an ut­ter hel­met snob, but why wouldn’t you be? Af­ter all, you’ve only got the one nog­gin, so it makes sense to guard it with the best op­tion avail­able. In my opin­ion, lids don’t get much bet­ter than the X-Spirit III. It’s rammed with safety fo­cused tech­nol­ogy such as its shock ab­sorb­ing dou­ble-in­ner shell, which sees vary­ing lev­els of ex­panded EPS in place to achieve spe­cific im­pact ab­sorb­ing qual­i­ties in pre­de­ter­mined ar­eas of the hel­met. It’s clever stuff, just like the su­per tough multi-fi­bre outer shell, which is pro­duced in dif­fer­ent sizes ac­cord­ing to the hel­met size it’s be­ing pro­duced for – rather than them just mak­ing a larger outer shell and pack­ing the in­ner to take up the slack.

This is a pre­mium grade lid, and that’s sup­ported by the long list of fea­tures that you’ll find at­trib­uted to the X-Spirit III. It’s also a fan­tas­tic hel­met to ride in. I’ve worn my Shoei al­most daily since the start of this year, tak­ing on all dif­fer­ent kinds of cli­mates, on all dif­fer­ent kinds of bikes. It’s a very com­fort­able lid, with great ven­ti­la­tion (thanks to its six vents and exhausts) and it’s not too noisy ei­ther... con­sid­er­ing it’s a race fo­cused hel­met. The vi­sor chang­ing sys­tem has got to be the sim­plest on the mar­ket, tak­ing sec­onds to ef­fort­lessly de­tach and reat­tach vi­sors as you de­sire, and I’m also a big fan of the huge amount of vi­sion on tap – both ver­ti­cally and pe­riph­er­ally.

My hel­met came with a Pin­lock, so fog­ging has never been an is­sue, and the stan­dard vi­sor’s also primed for tear-offs, if you’re feel­ing a bit ‘Rossi’, this lid will ac­com­mo­date you. Be­cause of my ex­ces­sive use of the hel­met, I’ve started to feel the cheek pad­ding get­ting a lit­tle slack, but Feri­dax (the UK dis­trib­u­tor for Shoei) stocks a com­pre­hen­sive range of in­ner pad­ding so I know it’ll be a dod­dle to get my hands on firmer and fresher re­place­ments. For clean­ing pur­poses, I’ve had the in­te­rior out a few times and it’s a nice and sim­ple pro­ce­dure. I’m try­ing to think of ar­eas to fault, but noth­ing’s spring­ing to mind. If you want the best, you know where to go. And if you want an awe­some cus­tom paint job do­ing, drop Clive at Rapier Paint­works a line on 01482 212690 – or visit www.rapier­paint­

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