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My hands have only just stopped shak­ing af­ter rid­ing the Big CC Suzuki. There’s a gi­ant risk of be­ing syco­phan­tic here, but this is the gnarli­est, most en­thralling two-wheeled ex­pe­ri­ence avail­able.

At the time of writ­ing, Kawasaki had just an­nounced a fu­ture re­lease of an­other su­per­charged model, this time in the sports-tour­ing sec­tor. It’s ev­i­dent that the tech­nol­ogy won’t sell big num­bers but that’s not what this is all about. We’ve seen the car world pick up pace with the num­ber of su­per’d motors that have de­scended on show­rooms near you, with the key points be­ing more ef­fi­ciency and the scope to run smaller ca­pac­ity lumps… as there’s no longer that need for a ma­hoosive lump when you’ve got the likes of a su­per­charg­ing mofo on-board. It’s likely this’ll flow on to us and our two-wheeled com­pan­ions, as most things gen­er­ally do when they’ve found suc­cess in the car world. Well, with the ex­cep­tion of steer­ing wheels of course. It’s a chang­ing world. One which could do with a bit of spice, such as these horse­power en­hanc­ing job­bies, ev­ery now and again.

It’s just a shame the de­lights of turbos aren’t likely to be­come quite so whole­sale. Bikes have been there be­fore many moons ago, at a time when I was just a mere street urchin steal­ing what­ever porn mags I could get my hands on. It didn’t work out, but that’s not to say it’s not a fea­si­ble propo­si­tion in to­day’s world. If you ask me, for that full-blown ball tin­gling de­light, you need to in­vest in a T-U-R-B-O. But be warned that just like this K5 Gixer, they do come with one ma­jor, in­her­ent prob­lem; the abil­ity to use all of its fire­power. Of course, 300bhp in turbo trim is ut­terly ab­surd, and we love it. With ever-in­creas­ing speed lim­its and busy roads, prison time is only a whiff of throt­tle away. But it’ll be a mem­o­rable jour­ney get­ting there. Pre-prison van, of course.


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