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They may be classed as a bud­get boot, but these Harada R boots from ARMR have been a big sur­prise as a rid­ing sta­ple over the last year. With TPU shin, an­kle, heal, back and gear change pro­tec­tion you re­ally do feel safe, and un­like a lot of the up­per-ech­e­lons of sports boots they’re a dod­dle to get on – mak­ing them the per­fect boot for that quick thrash while be­ing gen­uinely com­fort­able to walk around in all day. The qual­ity is high con­sid­er­ing the price and the YKK zips are sur­pris­ingly ro­bust. They will eas­ily fit un­der­neath a reg­u­lar set of rid­ing jeans or over the top of leathers, which is some­times a pain in the arse on some boots. They only come in black which isn’t ideal if you like to be as stupidly colour­ful as I do, but if you’re a fan of stealth they’re a solid boot for a solid price.

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