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There are three types of peo­ple in this world. Those who like style. Those who like power. And those who like both. And the lat­ter group nor­mally build the best cars.

There’s ab­so­lutely noth­ing wrong with only be­ing into per­for­mance, and there’s equally noth­ing wrong with pri­ori­tis­ing style. Dif­fer­ent strokes for dif­fer­ent folks – that’s what makes the modifying com­mu­nity so di­verse. But you’ve gotta love those guys who want both form and func­tion, show and go, style and sub­stance. Guess what this is­sue is about? Yeah, you’ve al­ready worked it out haven’t you? It’s about those types of peo­ple – and ob­vi­ously their cars.

The cover car is a case in point. A Porsche 997 isn’t ex­actly a bor­ing car in stan­dard guise, but when you de­cide to bolt a 3D-printed front end on, de­signed to pay homage to the iconic flat nose Porsches of yes­ter­year, you kinda know the build is some­thing spe­cial. Es­pe­cially as it was also THE car of SEMA 2016. Luck­ily for us (and you) we got to hang out with IDL De­sign af­ter the show (and our epic 1,300-mile road trip, see page 18) and get the car shot for the fea­ture start­ing on page 10.

Of course there are an­other five cars shar­ing sim­i­lar build philoso­phies in this mag, in­clud­ing a 2JZ-pow­ered, Rocket Bunny-kit­ted S15 and 400bhp S3 Sa­loon! Then there’s all the other cool stuff, too, like our Ul­ti­mate Stance re­port and a look at the im­port scene in Ki­tami, Ja­pan. En­joy the mag­a­zine.

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