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Yo Mikey. So, chop­ping up your own Porsche then? I bet that was in­ter­est­ing.

“It was a lit­tle nerve wreck­ing I’ll ad­mit. But I’m pleased with the re­sults. The roof is one of my favourite things on the whole car.”

Have you al­ways built cars pro­fes­sion­ally then?

“I’ve al­ways built mod­i­fied cars, but not as a job. I was ac­tu­ally a pro­duc­tion man­ager for Naughty Amer­ica be­fore I joined Dar­ren at IDL De­sign.”

Naughty Amer­ica? So what’s that then?

“Yeah right dude, like you don’t al­ready know.” Yeah okay, fair enough. Just don’t tell my mum!

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