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The kit

Pro­duced by Old & New Ja­pan this 70s race­carin­spired Slant Nose kit is CAD-de­signed and 3D printed for the ul­ti­mate in fit­ting per­fec­tion. The per­fect blend of, er, old and new. What a happy co­in­ci­dence that is, eh?


Air Lift Per­for­mance pro­vided their 3P kit for this car, and very nice it is too. De­vel­oped on the track, it’s not only de­signed to im­prove the han­dling over and above the stock 911, but, clearly, it’ll drop it into the weeds too. www.air­lift­per­fo­


The orig­i­nal 935 may have come with slicks, but these men­tal Toyo Proxes R888Rs are the near­est thing avail­able for use on the road. A leg­end in their own life­time, strictly speak­ing these could be the only road-le­gal thing on the whole car.

Car­bon Roof

This yummy car­bon roof is a cus­tom job and Mikey still won’t tell us who made it, so maybe you’ll have to ask him your­self. Even if he doesn’t spill the beans he’ll def­i­nitely flog you one, and that’s half the bat­tle. www.idlde­


CAE Rac­ing shifters have to be the most hard­core short-shift job­bies on the mar­ket. You might say that the Ul­tra Shifter in Mikey’s 997 is the ic­ing on the motorsport-style cake. Not a bad way to spend 900 nicker ei­ther. Oh, and that’s pounds, not dol­lars by the way. www.cae-rac­

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