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Fast Car - - Fresh Kit -

When it comes to build­ing the larger Bavar­ian bruis­ers out there, you just can’t beat a clas­si­cally re­strained wheel de­sign like this new split 10-spoker from lux­ury brand Hüb De­sign. Avail­able in stag­gered 19 and 20 inch sizes, and in PCDs for the metal of the VAG, Mercedes or BMW per­sua­sion, there can’t be a sin­gle model from the fa­ther­land that wouldn’t look slick on a set of these in­dus­tri­al­look­ing pup­pies. Pro­vided you can ac­tu­ally cram such monsters un­der the arches of course. Ex­tra Ger­manic, ex­tra girthy and with ex­tra, erm, um­lauts. Das ist bloody mar­vel­lous! www.hub-de­sign.co.uk

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