The fairy­tale story of how a pretty Shrop­shire lass has fallen head over heels in love with a mon­strous wide­body Nis­san Sil­via S15

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This one’s got a lovely arse, perky bumpers and a big heart. Its owner isn’t bad ei­ther!

Once upon a time, there was a beau­ti­ful, tat­tooed girl called Mel. Mel is the sort of girl who has a big heart and a lot of love to give. She is never one to turn her back on some­one or some­thing in need of care. So much so, she has got into a bit of an adop­tion habit. I’m not talk­ing about tak­ing in a lit­tle bunny with a gammy eye, or nurs­ing a dis­gust­ing pi­geon back to full health. I’m not even talk­ing about giv­ing poor or­phaned kids a new home. No, Mel loves adopt­ing unloved cars. She takes them un­der her wing, fixes them up, gives them a new lease of life and then falls in love with them.

We first met Mel when she told us all about her beloved Mag­gie, her track-spec 106. She bought the lit­tle Peu­geot as a com­plete wreck and trans­formed it into a mint lit­tle mo­tor. She fell so much in love with Mag­gie that the lit­tle 106 even makes up part of Mel’s amaz­ing body art. Now that’s ded­i­ca­tion! How­ever, we aren’t here for the Pug. In­stead we’re here to check out that dirty wide Nis­san S15 she has parked up on her drive.

Mel had booked the 106 in with her good friend Ant at AMG bodyshop to have the in­te­rior painted to match the ex­te­rior. Our Mel is a bit handy when it comes to body­work, so was prep­ping the car for paint her­self. “As I was work­ing on Mag­gie I spot­ted a massive al­loy wheel out the cor­ner of my eye. As I pulled back the bon­nets and bumpers I found a dusty rubbed-down-and-ready-to-paint Nis­san Sil­via S15”, Miss Tay­lor ex­plains. Af­ter speak­ing to Ant, they both came to an agree­ment on price and Mel was now the proud owner of one of Ja­pan’s most iconic mo­tors. Hur­rah!

Of course, Mel’s his­tory has taught us that none of her adopted ba­bies stay stan­dard for long, and the S15’s fate was des­tined to be

the same. The Rocket Bunny kit that the car now wears was orig­i­nally in­tended for an S13 model, but has been painstak­ingly grafted onto the Sil­via’s body­work. The end re­sult makes the back end of this drift mon­ster a massive 6ft wide.

Big arches need big wheels and Mel’s not been shy when it came to get­ting some girth un­der those fen­ders. Fill­ing up all that space is a set of stag­gered Kranze Rapier 12x18inch and 15x19-inch al­loys wrapped in sticky Toyo rub­ber.

Up front the car has been treated to a Charge­speed bumper matched with a vented DMAX bon­net and fin­ished off with a cus­tom fab­ri­cated alu­minium split­ter that matches the same one that’s on her 106. Nice touch!

The arse end of this mo­tor has had as much at­ten­tion as the front. A Charge­speed bumper has been fit­ted to match the front and a massive C-West car­bon wing casts a shadow wher­ever Mel and the beast goes.

When it came to pick­ing the right colour for the car, Mel knew ex­actly what she wanted. Ev­ery inch of the Sil­via’s body has been cov­ered in Red Wine Choco­late Mocha paint with a 3-way pearl top­coat to match her Pug 106. Colour-coded cars are the fu­ture!

The in­te­rior needed to be fit for a princess and it cer­tainly lives up to ex­pec­ta­tions. The stan­dard seats have been re­placed with bright red BRIDE low max buck­ets and com­bined with pur­ple LUKE har­nesses, per­fect to plant her royal bot­tom on.

Help­ing the S15 to go into full on beast mode is a re-worked Trust turbo, GReddy front mounted in­ter­cooler, PON cams and turbo back ex­haust sys­tem. All this hard work has re­sulted in a mon­strous 435bhp, which helps Mel get her arse out on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

So there we have it folks, a real life love story of how Mel Tay­lor has once again fallen in love with an ugly duck­ling and turned it into a beau­ti­ful wide arch, huge pow­ered mon­ster beast!

And they lived hap­pily ever af­ter…

Mel’s other ride is a match­ing Pug 106!

The beast boasts a mon­strous 435bhp

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