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The wheels on Az’s E92 are some­thing spe­cial in­deed: ev­ery set of WORK wheels is cus­tom-made to or­der in Ja­pan. You tell them your pre­cise specs in terms of colour fin­ish, di­am­e­ter, con­struct, width, off­set and so on, and they care­fully piece them to­gether and ship them out. Sure, it may take a few months to hap­pen, but the re­sult is worth it. WORK Wheels re­ally are some of the finest in the world.

Now there’s a lit­tle ar­gu­ing point over what to call these ones. Tech­ni­cally, they’re WORK VS-XX. You might hear some peo­ple re­fer­ring to them as ‘Brom­bach­ers’. Oth­ers may point out that Brom­bacher is a name only given to this de­sign in a PCD and off­set spe­cific to Porsche 911s. It’s prob­a­bly best not to lose any sleep over that. The key point is that ev­ery set is unique, and they’re all beau­ti­fully fin­ished. As you’d hope, for the high-four-fig­ure price tag that comes at­tached…

Have a chat with work­wheel­suk.com if you’re in­ter­ested in find­ing out more. Or Drift­works – they’re the UK’s of­fi­cial WORK im­porter.

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