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This new prod­uct from UK firm Di­a­mondbrite proves that a hugely pow­er­ful wheel cleaner can still be kind to the more del­i­cate fin­ishes out there. Safe to use on chrome and pol­ished sur­faces as well as more tra­di­tional al­loy wheels. This one is so safe, you can even use it on your glass and paint­work. The idea is it dis­solves the grime and those trou­ble­some fer­rous de­posits found in brake dust and trans­forms them into a liq­uid state, so they can be rinsed away with no ef­fort at all. Un­like clay­ing or pol­ish­ing it also stops the spread of iron par­ti­cles be­neath the sur­face. Nicely-priced too. www.di­a­


This new sur­face pro­tec­tant from Air­glide was de­vel­oped for the avi­a­tion in­dus­try, de­signed to smooth sur­faces at a mi­cro­scopic level and make them slip through the air more ef­fi­ciently. They even use it on wind tur­bine blades, and your car can ben­e­fit from the same tech. Ul­ti­mate Shield is an easy-to-ap­ply, two-part sys­tem that can go on ev­ery­thing, from tyres to glass. The first prod­uct deep cleans the sur­face, re­mov­ing any de­posits and dead paint cells in the pores, cre­at­ing a flex­i­ble shield with a neg­a­tive charge. The sec­ond part fills the pores and cre­ates a mi­cron-thick bar­rier that’s pos­i­tively charged and per­fectly smooth. Ba­si­cally for your car it means, for want of a tech­ni­cal phrase, shit won’t stick to it. www.air­

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