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There’s an old adage in tun­ing that uni­ver­sal parts are uni­ver­sally de­signed to fit sweet feck-all. But K&N changed all that a while ago with their tremen­dously suc­cess­ful, not to men­tion tremen­dously ef­fec­tive, Apollo in­take. Per­haps that’s why they named it af­ter a crea­ture of mythol­ogy and why they’ve done the same with its suc­ces­sor, the Orion. They’re rather clever chaps at K&N af­ter all.

Any­way, the new Orion in­take is with­out-a-doubt the most ex­ten­sively de­vel­oped uni­ver­sal in­take on the mar­ket. It’s also de­signed for max­i­mum air flow in a small pack­age with a spe­cially shaped fil­ter to max­imise and main­tain air ve­loc­ity to get you more power. The most im­por­tant thing though, the thing where the ma­jor­ity of uni­ver­sal in­takes stum­ble, is there’s a fa­cil­ity to con­nect any type of breather sys­tem, so it’ll ac­tu­ally fit prop­erly. Which is handy. www.kn­fil­ters.com

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