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Even though the new Fo­cus RS has more doors than your av­er­age ho­tel, there can’t be any­one on the planet who doesn’t love it, right? It’s cer­tainly set to be­come a mod­i­fy­ing icon and, even though they’ve been on the streets for less than a year, the parts are now com­ing thick and fast!

That said, what’s re­ally in­ter­est­ing about this awe­some-qual­ity, axle-back ex­haust from Ford tun­ing mae­stros Mountune, is that slap­ping it on your brand new mo­tor doesn’t af­fect your man­u­fac­turer war­ranty at all. Yes, you get a sweet hike in power, a 28-per­cent weight sav­ing over the orig­i­nal item and a vastly im­proved sound­track. It even in­cludes a new valve and mo­tor as­sem­bly for those who like play­ing with the OEM ad­justable si­lenc­ing thingy. But the bods at your lo­cal Ford dealer can’t say a word about you rip­ping out their stock sys­tem if, as it turns out, your heavy right foot doesn’t agree with the en­gine. You’d be silly not to. www.moun­tune­

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