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Here’s a few gems from our panel of in­dus­try ex­perts…

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Open your flaps

Petrol flaps are no­to­ri­ous for hold­ing gunk, so whip ’em open while you’re wash­ing… and yes make sure you keep the bloody cap on! As for your doors, it’s al­ways a good idea to open them for a quick wipe around dur­ing the dry­ing stage. Just to get rid of all that hid­den sham­poo and wa­ter.

Get some cheap matts

Af­ter you’ve cleaned your car, chances are you’re gonna need to move it. With that in mind, your wet train­ers aren’t go­ing to do won­ders for the car­pets you’ve just sham­pooed. Get some dis­pos­able mats on eBay. They’re only a few quid for half a mil­lion of the bug­gers and they’ll sort you out nicely.

Brush away

Want to get all that dust out of your air vents? Of course you do and the eas­i­est way is to use a thin brush or the very tech­ni­cal sound­ing ‘de­tailer’s sponge on a stick’. That’s how the pros do it.

Re­move your cen­tre caps

Al­loy wheels are made from metal (thank­fully), but very of­ten you’ll find cen­tre caps are plastic. If pos­si­ble, when us­ing a wheel cleaner, whip these out and keep them to one side. Very of­ten chem­i­cal clean­ers can seep through the gaps and cause the plastic to cor­rode from be­hind.

Use more buck­ets

Yes peo­ple, two buck­ets is oh so 2016! In other words, it makes sense to keep a sep­a­rate bucket just for your wheels. The two bucket method for the rest of the car is still the best though. One for sham­poo and a sep­a­rate bucket of clean wa­ter for clean­ing de­bris af­ter you’ve rung out your mitt/sponge. Don’t throw what’s left at the end over the car ei­ther – if you’re gonna do that you might as well let go of the bucket all to­gether.

Read the in­struc­tions…

You may know your stuff, but ap­pli­ca­tion meth­ods al­ways vary from prod­uct to prod­uct, so make sure you’re clued up on all the in­struc­tions. If they hap­pen to be ‘all in for­eign’ check with the sup­plier be­fore us­ing the prod­uct. You never know, right?

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