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Named af­ter a desert wind, the orig­i­nal 1974 Scirocco was de­vel­oped as a suc­ces­sor to the gor­geous but se­ri­ously out­dated Kar­mann Ghia. It took the func­tional Mk1 Golf plat­form and turned it into some­thing sleek, swoopy and sexy.

And in 2008, VW de­cided to have an­other crack at it. The mod­ern Scirocco, based on the Mk5 Golf plat­form, is a gen­uinely beau­ti­ful thing to be­hold, be­ing that most rare thing among mod­ern mo­tors: a car that ac­tu­ally looks pretty much the same as the con­cept car that her­alded it. The move from 2006 IROC con­cept to 2008 pro­duc­tion model in­volved ba­si­cally just slap­ping the cor­rect badges on and stuff­ing a war­ranty in the glove­box.

They’re de­cent value now too. Orig­i­nally re­tail­ing from £21,535-£31,225 (de­pend­ing on spec), you can pick one up for £5k to­day. Al­though it’ll prob­a­bly be a TDI, and life’s too short to drive diesels, so save up a few ex­tra quid and splash £6k on a 2.0 TSI – you’ll get 200bhp-odd straight out of the box, with all the tun­abil­ity that’s baked into a mod­ern VAG turbo mo­tor. Not to men­tion one of the best-look­ing stock in­te­ri­ors in the busi­ness – back seats shouldn’t look that good!

Just shove a load of power in, get it lower, and en­joy the sum­mer!

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