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The term ‘fast road’ can be a lit­tle bit de­ceiv­ing, but in this case, it’s not so much about sheer speed… it’s more about hav­ing speed, along with plenty of other driv­ing en­hance­ments, as and when you need it.

Look at it like this, we’d never sug­gest that you do 60mph past a school with your mate hang­ing his arse out of the win­dow. That would make you a dick­head and pos­si­bly a sex of­fender. But, there’s noth­ing il­le­gal about a blast on a windy 60mph B-road – or get­ting to 60mph bloody quickly for that mat­ter.

What we’re say­ing is that it’s okay to en­joy your car on the road, and a good fast-road set-up is sim­ply a com­bi­na­tion of ac­cel­er­a­tion, han­dling and hav­ing all that speed avail­able, rather than ac­tu­ally us­ing it in all the wrong places. Af­ter all, some of the world’s best en­gi­neered ex­ot­ica has ridicu­lous po­ten­tial for speed, but that doesn’t mean that you need all of it on the way to buy a pint of milk at Lidl, right?

Fast road means so much more than flat out; it’s just about im­prov­ing on what you’ve got. So, here are our es­sen­tial fast road mods for more smiles per mile, no mat­ter what you drive…

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