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Run­ning out of lock­down mods? Why not give your head­lights a re­fresh.

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What’s the best type of headlight?

Halo­gen? LED? Xenon? Nope, it’s a headlight where the beam ac­tu­ally shines through onto the bloody tar­mac!

Faded plas­tic head­lights not only dull and dif­fract the light im­prop­erly, mak­ing them ex­tremely dan­ger­ous all round (and of­ten an MOT failure), but they al­ways make your car look… well, a bit shit.

In fact, noth­ing seems to give away the age of a ve­hi­cle like bat­tered, crusty lenses. It’s not just lim­ited to Ja­panese cars as many peo­ple as­sume ei­ther; this is ac­tu­ally one of the most com­mon prob­lems when it comes to older mo­tors, mod­ern clas­sics and any­thing else that doesn’t use glass lenses. You should see the state of my TT for starters, and that’s sup­posed to be a ‘pre­mium’ mo­tor!

But there is hope, peo­ple. All this can be sorted in no time at all with the use of abra­sives. Yep, that’s right, we’re talk­ing about tak­ing the rough stuff to your plas­tic lights. But, don’t soil your un­der­clangers just yet, it’s not half as scary as you might think…

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