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There’s lit­er­ally hun­dreds of clean­ing prod­ucts avail­able for your car and Meguiar’s has one of the big­gest prod­uct ranges in the in­dus­try. But what if you’re new to car de­tail­ing and want some kit to get you started? Well, you’re in luck…

When it comes to de­tail­ing gear, Meguiar’s is one of the big­gest play­ers in the game. The com­pany has been around since 1901, so has built up quite a rep­u­ta­tion and prod­uct range over the past cen­tury. If you need a prod­uct for a spe­cial­ist job, it’s more than likely you’ll find it in the Meguiar’s cat­a­logue, but what if you just want to give your car a good old fash­ioned go­ing over? What prod­ucts do you need for all those im­por­tant jobs? Well, that’s where this fea­ture is here to help. We’ve teamed up with Meguiar’s UK to bring you these kit bag essentials…

WASH: UL­TI­MATE SNOW FOAM CANNON KIT, £55 Meguiar’s Ul­ti­mate Snow Foam Cannon Kit con­tains both the Meguiar’s snow foam cannon and the Ex­treme Cling Ul­ti­mate Snow Foam. The out­stand­ing foam­ing ac­tion gen­tly helps to lift away dirt, road grime and con­tam­i­nants, all with­out strip­ping your vi­tal wax pro­tec­tion for a touch­less pres­sure rinse!

HAND AP­PLIED PRO­TEC­TION: HY­BRID CE­RAMIC LIQ­UID WAX, £28 Meguiar’s so­phis­ti­cated Hy­brid Ce­ramic chem­istry makes this prod­uct as easy to ap­ply as an or­di­nary liq­uid wax! En­gi­neered to be ap­plied by ei­ther hand or dual ac­tion vari­able speed pol­isher (DA pol­isher), this for­mula pro­duces a slick pro­tec­tive wa­ter bead­ing layer that seals your paint from the en­vi­ron­ment. It can also be used on chrome and plas­tic trim or as a top­coat over tra­di­tional waxes and sealants too.

SWIRL AND IMPERFECTI­ON SOLVER: UL­TI­MATE COM­POUND, £16 This rev­o­lu­tion­ary prod­uct dra­mat­i­cally re­duces the time and ef­fort re­quired to re­store abused or ne­glected paint fin­ishes. Un­like tra­di­tional com­pounds that can leave be­hind fine scratches and haze, Meguiar’s Ul­ti­mate Com­pound cuts so fast and leaves the fin­ish look­ing so good, it’s hard to be­lieve pos­si­ble. The se­cret is Meguiar’s ex­clu­sive mi­cro-abra­sive tech­nol­ogy cre­ated for state-of-the-art prod­ucts for body shops and de­tail­ers. Ul­ti­mate Com­pound works quickly to re­move be­low-the-sur­face de­fects and re­store colour and clar­ity with­out scratch­ing or swirling.

QUICK PRO­TEC­TION: HY­BRID CE­RAMIC WAX, £23 Do you want an easy to use car wax with cut­ting-edge, so­phis­ti­cated tech­nol­ogy that de­liv­ers the lat­est in pro­tec­tion? Well, of course you do and Meguiar’s Hy­brid Ce­ramic Wax is the an­swer. With the all-new, ad­vanced Si02 hy­brid tech­nol­ogy you get ce­ramic pro­tec­tion that’s so easy to use, you can ac­tu­ally wax your paint as you rinse off your car! Af­ter wash­ing and rins­ing off the soap, sim­ply spray on Meguiar’s Hy­brid Ce­ramic Wax and then rinse with a strong stream of wa­ter. This fi­nal rinse helps to spread and lay down the wax evenly for you. Dry your ve­hi­cle like you would nor­mally with a qual­ity mi­crofi­bre dry­ing towel and you’re left with ce­ramic pro­tec­tion. Con­ven­tional? No. Sen­sa­tional? YES! WHEELS: SUPREME WHEEL BRUSH, FROM £17 Meguiar’s Supreme Wheel Brushes don’t have bris­tles but a mi­crofi­bre head that pre­vents scratches, but will thor­oughly clean ev­ery type of rim. There’s two sizes, large and medium, to suit all wheels big and small.

WHEELS & TYRES: UL­TI­MATE ALL WHEEL CLEANER, £17 Ul­ti­mate All Wheel Cleaner de­liv­ers a pow­er­ful clean­ing per­for­mance that is also safe for ALL fac­tory wheel and brake fin­ishes. This ad­vanced chem­istry blends road grime at­tack­ing sur­fac­tants with ac­tive brake dust dis­solv­ing agents. For best re­sults, ap­ply dry, spray­ing your wheels from the bot­tom up. Leave for two min­utes. Gen­tly ag­i­tate if re­quired with a mi­crofi­bre wash mitt or wheel brush. Then hose down. Sim­ple!

TYRES: EN­DURANCE TYRE GEL, £14 Meguiar’s high gloss En­durance Tyre Gel con­tin­ues to be a favourite among en­thu­si­asts look­ing for long-last­ing per­for­mance with an el­e­gant look. The dis­tinct for­mu­la­tions stop tyres from turn­ing brown and elim­i­nate the mess of over­spray, drips, streaks and spot­ted drive­ways be­cause it’s ap­plied by a tyre dress­ing ap­pli­ca­tor pad and not sprayed on.

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