There’s so much to be an­gry about these days.

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In this scary time of COVID-19, peo­ple are dy­ing in mas­sive num­bers, health ser­vices across the globe are stretched to break­ing point, the world’s me­dia is full of mis­in­for­ma­tion and con­fu­sion, we’re get­ting mixed mes­sages from au­thor­ity fig­ures, and some peo­ple seem to be in­ca­pable of fol­low­ing sim­ple in­struc­tions and stay­ing home – as if meet­ing up with your mates in the park is more im­por­tant than the fact that by do­ing so peo­ple could ac­tu­ally die. But you know what? I’m not go­ing to be the An­gry Man this month. Just this once, since the world is fall­ing off its axis, I’m go­ing to be the Grate­ful Man. Be­cause in spite of all that we have to be an­gry and scared about, we re­ally are see­ing the best of peo­ple com­ing through in these weird and un­prece­dented times. We’ve got a lot of thank yous to give. Thanks to the un­par­al­leled saint­li­ness of all in the Na­tional Health Ser­vice, work­ing on the front­line to keep us safe and well. Thanks to all the peo­ple who are out there do­ing vi­tal work to keep the wheels of nor­mal­ity turn­ing – the de­liv­ery driv­ers, the waste col­lec­tors, the milk­men, ev­ery­one work­ing in su­per­mar­kets and gro­cery stores, those keep­ing the elec­tric­ity grid run­ning so we’ve all got lights and es­sen­tial lock­down Wi-Fi, the civil ser­vants mak­ing sure the nuts-and-bolts of gov­ern­ment still func­tion, the work­ers keep­ing the wa­ter pure and the drains clear, the po­lice, the fire­fight­ers, the coast­guard, ev­ery­one who’s out there battling against ter­ri­fy­ing cir­cum­stances. We’ll get through this. We’ll do it to­gether. And soon I can be the An­gry Man again – be­cause the world is still an­noy­ing and full of stupid lit­tle ag­gra­va­tions. But right now, let’s pull to­gether and make this all bet­ter. Stay safe. This is the one time in your life when you can make a dif­fer­ence sim­ply by stick­ing the telly on and crack­ing open a beer. On the sofa. In your pants.

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