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When It comes to get­ting more power out of a nat­u­rallyaspi­rated ve­hi­cle, the most ef­fec­tive method is by forced in­duc­tion, in the form of a turbo or su­per­charger. While a turbo is pow­ered by spent ex­haust gasses, a su­per­charger is me­chan­i­cal and uses a crank-driven belt to create its boost.

There are two ba­sic types of su­per­charger: pos­i­tive dis­place­ment – the roots, twin-screw and g-lad­der set­ups that are mounted on top of large ca­pac­ity en­gines; and cen­trifu­gal units, which re­sem­ble and work on the same prin­ci­pal as a turbo. These are by far the most pop­u­lar op­tion for af­ter­mar­ket tuners as they are a highly ef­fi­cient and cost-ef­fec­tive way to in­crease power on en­gines of any size.

TTS Per­for­mance is the UK dis­trib­u­tor for Rotrex, the mar­ket leader in cen­trifu­gal su­per­charg­ers. They pro­duce their own Bri­tish-en­gi­neered pack­ages for a range of cars and bikes, as well as stock­ing the full range of Rotrex su­per­charger prod­ucts.

A cen­trifu­gal su­per­charger de­liv­ers in­creased pres­sure with an in­crease in en­gine speed. It ac­cel­er­ates the in­let air by giv­ing it a very high speed from the com­pres­sor wheel – known as an im­peller. This speed en­ergy is then ex­changed to pres­sure when the air is slowed in the dif­fuser in­side the com­pres­sor hous­ing.

Com­pared with a pos­i­tive dis­place­ment su­per­charger (think big blow­ers on V8 mus­cle cars), a cen­trifu­gal unit re­quires far less power to drive, so less bhp is lost run­ning it from the crank. It also de­liv­ers power through­out the rev range, and doesn’t run out of puff at around 3000rpm like the big guys. Due to its com­pact size, a cen­trifu­gal ‘charger is much eas­ier to pack­age, which means it can be used on a wider va­ri­ety of en­gines – even lit­tle 1.0-litre units.

TTS Per­for­mance pro­duce Rotrex su­per­charger pack­ages for some of the most pop­u­lar cars to tune, in­clud­ing the Honda Civic Type R (EP/FN), Honda S2000 and Toy­ota GT86/Subaru BRZ, as well as some higher end stuff such as the Ariel Atom, Lo­tus Elise/Ex­ige, Audi RS4 (B7), Audi S5 (B8) and Audi 8 4.2 V8. Power gains can be huge, with the Honda kits mak­ing up to 500bhp, the Audi RS4 kits mak­ing over 600bhp, and the twin-su­per­charged R8 de­liv­er­ing 700+bhp. How­ever, more mod­est pack­ages are also avail­able for ve­hi­cles such as the Suzuki Swift, Peu­geot 107, Toy­ota Yaris and Citroen C1.

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