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Yes, a set of coilovers will be able to dump your car right into the weeds. But it doesn’t take a ge­nius to re­alise that for fast-road per­for­mance, there’s so much more to a supreme chas­sis set-up. For a start, tech­ni­cally speak­ing, all the other chas­sis com­po­nents, things like wish­bones and con­trol arms, can be just as im­por­tant as the springs and dampers.

The com­po­nents you choose are all about two things: set­ting up a use­able over­all ge­om­e­try, and re­act­ing/adapt­ing to road con­di­tions while ac­cel­er­at­ing, slow­ing or cor­ner­ing.

Now, you’ll al­ready know that, as well as set­ting the ride height, sus­pen­sion is de­signed to adapt to bumps in the road. Through the use of bump and re­bound pa­ram­e­ters, a damper is able to con­trol the com­pres­sion and ex­ten­sion of the spring that’s hold­ing up the car (be that a coil, spring, air spring or tor­sion spring). In this way, you get en­hanced con­trol over the han­dling and weight trans­fer in re­al­world con­di­tions.

When it comes to ge­om­e­try, other com­po­nents are there to set up the right amount of cam­ber, caster and toe for any given sit­u­a­tion. In a fac­tory set-up, these set­tings may not be op­ti­mum for fast cor­ner­ing, or for a drop in ride height, and you may not have the ad­justa­bil­ity in the stan­dard com­po­nents to cor­rect it. This is where en­hance­ments like ad­justable arms and top mounts come in.

Bear in mind, though, it’s not about build­ing a killer race car. For fast-road tun­ing, you have to jug­gle all these pa­ram­e­ters to make the car use­able in the real world. Com­pli­ance is ev­ery­thing.

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