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We all know that hav­ing bet­ter brakes makes your car real-world quicker. The faster you can get off the mid­dle pedal and back on the loud one, the more rapido your car will be. Fact.

Im­prov­ing your brakes comes down to more than hav­ing ef­fec­tive discs and pads; elim­i­nat­ing weak­ness in the fluid trans­fer sys­tem is an­other way to make a huge dif­fer­ence to brak­ing per­for­mance and feel.

All ve­hi­cles have solid me­tal ‘hard­lines’ tak­ing the brake fluid from the mas­ter cylin­der to the arches. From here, you’ll usu­ally have flex­i­ble rub­ber pipes trans­fer­ring the fluid to the calipers, and this is where you can make your im­prove­ments. Stan­dard rub­ber pipes tend to flex and bulge un­der heavy brak­ing and they’re not the most hard­wear­ing when it comes to bumps and scrapes ei­ther.

Re­plac­ing the stan­dard OEM rub­ber brake hoses with a di­rect re­place­ment Goodridge Pre­mium Per­for­mance Brake Line Kit is the most cost ef­fec­tive up­grade that can be made to any ve­hi­cle brak­ing sys­tem. The braided lines elim­i­nate any ex­pan­sion un­der ar­du­ous brak­ing; in­creas­ing ef­fi­ciency, in­spir­ing con­fi­dence and max­imis­ing con­trol.

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