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Okay, so polyuretha­ne bushes could be seen as part of the ‘ Chas­sis Gear’ cat­e­gory, but what puts them in a league of their own is that, rather than di­alling in that per­fect ge­om­e­try, they have more to do with keep­ing it that way over a long pe­riod of time. They also stiffen the chas­sis to keep these set­tings at op­ti­mum when you’re push­ing your sus­pen­sion to the limit.

Stan­dard bushes are sim­ply there as vi­bra­tion iso­la­tors de­signed to dampen the en­ergy trans­mit­ted through the join in two key com­po­nents: this pro­vides shock­re­sis­tance to your back­side and im­proves NVH (Noise Vi­bra­tion Harsh­ness).

Any sort of fruity fast-road driv­ing doesn’t help mat­ters, but the big­gest killer of rub­ber bushes is time – they de­grade, sag and, most im­por­tantly, change those align­ment set­tings that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Add that to the fact that they mostly sit on the com­fort side of the fence to be­gin with, and it doesn’t do much for han­dling per­for­mance.

PU bushes use a syn­thetic poly­mer so they don’t de­grade like rub­ber and will gen­er­ally last 10 times longer. In real-world terms that’s beyond the life of the ve­hi­cle, and prop­erly en­gi­neered items from the big­ger man­u­fac­tur­ers don’t make the car un­com­fort­able. They are a lit­tle more ex­pen­sive than stan­dard but you can’t lose.

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