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The Thai tun­ing scene is a mi­cro­cosm of mod­i­fy­ing that bor­rows ideas from across the globe, stirs them to­gether into its own melt­ing pot, then cre­ates unique and ex­cit­ing things that the rest of us would never ex­pect to see. The main fo­cus is on Ja­panese rides – Civics, Sky­lines and S-body Nis­sans are par­tic­u­lar favourites – and there’s a mas­sive drag rac­ing scene, with il­le­gal street drags draw­ing in huge crowds. Diesel tun­ing is a big deal too. When it comes to street cars, Thai tuners re­ally love to put car­bon fi­bre all over ev­ery­thing; there’s a cer­tain fond­ness for VIP builds, but the over­ar­ch­ing head­line story right now is wide­body ex­ten­sions. Keep­ing an eye on the big names, Rocket Bunny and Lib­erty Walk and the scene grow­ing around them, Garage Unique and places like it are tak­ing that vibe and recre­at­ing it in their own style.

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