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The MINI Cooper S is one of those all-time great mo­tor­ing enig­mas. You’d think that, be­ing some­thing of a pre­mium prod­uct put to­gether by the bods at BMW, the lit­tle blown ter­ror would de­stroy your bank bal­ance just as quickly as it de­stroys tyres. But no, you can pick up an older one for about the price of a bag of chips nowa­days. In fact, even the F56 jobs have more than halved in price since they launched in 2013… and we all know that bang­ing a 2-litre turbo lump into a MINI can never be a bad idea, right?

Still, more than ever be­fore, the big 2.0 is ripe for us­ing a spot of sim­ple bolt-on tun­ing to un­leash its po­ten­tial. So, it’s good to see Ramair bring­ing such an uber-qual­ity, shielded in­duc­tion kit to the mar­ket. The best bit here is that the pleated cot­ton PRORAM fil­ter uses syn­thetic nanofiber tech to in­crease air­flow over the stan­dard fil­ter by a whop­ping 88%. So, one of these will not only net you more horse­power from the off, but should also set you up for all the fu­ture tun­ing your baby Beemer can han­dle, too. www.ramair-fil­ters.co.uk

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