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Go­ing for a nice long drive is one of those lit­tle plea­sures in life, but it’s also es­sen­tial for keep­ing your bat­tery in check by top­ping it up enough to stave off any fu­ture prob­lems. Un­for­tu­nately, short jour­neys, like nip­ping out to the local shops for bog roll, hand sani­tiser, and pasta shells once a fort­night, doesn’t re­ally do that. So, why not make even more use of the sum­mer sun­shine while you’re sit­ting in your gar­den?

Sealey are now of­fer­ing a range of so­lar charg­ers (gen­er­at­ing from 1.5 to 4.8 watts a pop) that can be plugged in, stuck to your wind­screen and sim­ply for­got­ten about. The re­sult is a tip-top bat­tery ready for when the time comes to ac­tu­ally use it. Af­ter all, once lock­down is lifted, the first thing you’re go­ing to want to do is jump in your mo­tor and bug­ger off into the sun­set – not waste more of your life look­ing for the jump leads!


FROM £13

That’s not brand new, we hear you say. Yes, we know. But, not only is Gtechniq’s I2 Tri-Clean one of our all-time favourite an­tibac­te­rial in­te­rior clean­ers, it also con­tains a spe­cific raw ma­te­rial that ac­tively com­bats and kills coro­n­avirus. And, if that’s not enough, it’s equally amaz­ing on your white train­ers by the way (a top tip! – Jules).

So, there you go – this stuff is killer on cab­ins, kicks and corona. That’s why they call it Tri-Clean (prob­a­bly).

DRAPER 3 TONNE EVO­LU­TION JACK, £300 What’s even bet­ter than hav­ing a proper trol­ley jack on standby in these crazy times of DIY mod­ding? Hav­ing a garage-wor­thy mon­ster with ‘Evo­lu­tion’ and skulls plas­tered all down the side, ob­vi­ously.

Still, this twin-pis­ton, low-en­try num­ber is so much more than a funky-look­ing ad­di­tion to Draper’s Ex­pert (‘ex­pert’ be­ing spelt ‘pro­fes­sional’) range. It’s ac­tu­ally got all the bells and whis­tles, in­clud­ing a much higher lift than nor­mal (580mm, just in case you we’re won­der­ing). You even get to say that you only need four and a half pumps to get it fully up, and that you have five (grease) nip­ples in­stead of two. What can pos­si­bly be bet­ter than that?

Be­sides, it may be a jack, but for those in the know, it re­ally is some high-class tool porn, too. Want! www.drap­er­

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