Fast Car : 2020-06-15

HOT RIDE : 19 : 019


AD5 ASSASSIN GT2 WOLFSBURG ASSASSIN Gloss Black & Gloss Black / Polished 8x18″ Gloss Black / Polished 8.5x18″ 8.5x20″ Gloss Black, Matt Bronze & Gloss Black / Polished 8x18″ 8.5x19″ 8.5x20″ Gloss Black & Gloss Black / Polished 6.5 x15” 7.0x16″ 7.0x17″ 8.0x18″ 8.5x19″ 8.5x20″ AERO LUCCA TORINO KODIAK Gloss Black / Polished, Gunmetal / Polished & Gloss Black 8.5x18″ 8.5x20″ Gloss Black / Polished, Gloss Black & Polar Silver 6.5x16″ 6.5x17″ 7.5x17″ 8.0x18″ 8.0x19″ 8.0x20″ Gloss Black / Polished, Polar Silver 6.5x16″ 7.5x17″ 8.0x18″ 8.0x19″ Polar Silver, Gunmetal 5.0x14″ 5.5x14″ 5.5x15″ 6.0x15″ 6.0x16″ 6.5x16″ 7.0x16″ 7.0x17″ 7.5x17″ 7.5x18″ 8.0x18″ 8x19″ KIBO TURISMO DORTMUND Gloss Black / Polished Lip Gunmetal, 7.5x17″ 8.0x18″ 8.0x19″ 8.5x20″ 9x20″ 9.5x21″ Gloss Black & Gloss Black / Polished 8.5x18″ Gloss Black, Gunmetal / Polished, Matt Bronze (20″ only), Gloss Black / Polished 8.5x18″ 8.5x19″ 8.5x20″ Matt Black & 8.5x20 UP TO 5 YEAR WARRANTY TUV CERTIFICAT­ION On selected wheels when you register online German TUV certificat­ion on selected wheels GO ONLINE HUGE RANGE AVAILABLE Please visit your nearest dealer to buy wolfrace wheels, you can go online to find your nearest dealer Huge range of wheels available, see for the full range MUNICH CLASSIC Gloss Black, Matt Black, Gloss Black / Polished & Matt Bronze 8.5x18″ 8.5x20″ Matt Bronze / Polished Lip Silver / Polished Lip 8.5x18″ MADE IN EUROPE INTERACTIV­E GUIDE Wolfrace Eurosport wheels, are made in Europe Use our interactiv­e fitment guide at ROAD | OFF ROAD | TRACK | LUXURY WWW.WOLFRACE.COM For more informatio­n contact us on: | +44 (0) 845 330 9896 | Or visit your nearest dealer

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