Fast Car : 2020-06-15

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ED START Kelsey Publishing Limited The Granary, Downs Court, Yalding Hill, Yalding, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 6AL Summer 2020 Issue 422 EDITORIAL Editor: Jules Truss Email: Contributi­ng Editor: Midge Email: Art Editor: Graham Morecroft Email: Web Editor: Glenda Email: Contributo­rs: Mark Loony, Daniel Bevis, SerialOne, Matt Richardson Larry Chen, Paddy McGrath, Alexandra Powell, Matt Clifford ADVERTISEM­ENT SALES Director: David Lerpiniere David.lerpiniere@talkmedias­ Tel: 01732 445326 Head of Performanc­e Motoring: Sarah Halls sarah.halls@talkmedias­ Tel: 01732 446756 PRODUCTION Talk Media: 01732 445325 MANAGEMENT Chief Operating Officer: Phil Weeden Chief Executive: Steve Wright Retail Director: Steve Brown Audience Developmen­t Manager: Andy Cotton Brand Marketing Manager: Debra Hagger Events Manager: Katherine Chappell Print Production Manager: Georgina Harris Print Production Controller: Kelly Orriss Subscripti­on Marketing Director: Gill Lambert Subscripti­on Marketing Manager: Rochelle Gyer-Smith SUBSCRIPTI­ONS 13 issues of Fast Car are published per annum UK annual subscripti­on price: £77.87 Europe annual subscripti­on price: £90.00 USA annual subscripti­on price: £90.00 Rest of World annual subscripti­on price: £96.00 CONTACT US UK subscripti­on and back issue orderline: 01959 543 747 Overseas subscripti­on orderline: 0044 (0) 1959 543 747 Toll free USA subscripti­on orderline: 1-888-777-0275 UK customer service team: 01959 543 747 Customer service email address: Customer service and subscripti­on postal address: Fast Car Customer Service Team Kelsey Publishing Ltd 5 Yalding Hill, Downs Court, Yalding, ME18 6AL United Kingdom No1 ’s UK No1 UK’s E ZIN GA MA G NIN TU COSSIE POWERED NE AZI MAG ING TUN OLD SKOOL MK ESCORT WIDE ARCHED SERIES BMWEE BMW E BMW No1 UK’s E AZIN MAG ING TUN EPIC LS3 ‘54 Chevy Pickup  K20-Turbo’d AE86  1,000bhp Monster Merc 190E E V  A SUPR A www.fastcar. MOD IFYIN G GUID E # 420 #420 #419 DEFINING CAR CULTURE www. fastca #415 DEFINI NG CAR CULTUR E TOP MODIFYIN G InTENT ODIFYING AFF ORD PRO ABL E JECT TRA S CK DEFI NING CAR CULT URE DIYDIYDIY DIY Wh eel Ref urb GU IDE INS IDE The incredible story of the home-built that had its competitor­s for brekkie arched,6.2-litre iso itsrocker RocketBunn­y- NissanS14 Mazda MX-5 Gymkhana GRiD The home- show- brewed, stopping built under canvas 372bhp Audi S3 NON SLIP! ULTIMATE DUBS KELSEY SHOP ALL THE ACTION FROM TELFORD CLUTCH TECH Subscripti­on Offers: NOST ALGIC SUPRA-POWER NUTT ERS! TUNED,STYLED ANDWILD BHP CORSAVXR Ferrari- rimmed Volvo850 R Therisks and modifyi reward sof ngaretro icon BHP PANDEM A TOP : Smokin gR5GTT SECRET STREET WEAPO NS FEATURED: PLUS: SLAMMED SCIROCCO, AWESOME AUDI B COUPÉ & ULTIMATE DUBS Dumpe d DeLore anDMC- 12 BaggedAudi A3 News SPRINGBREA­K: PLUS: WEBSITE Find current subscripti­on offers and buy back issues at Products #420 May 2020 KELSEY Posters £5.99 ■ Reviews Projects News and Reviews media ■ ■ PLUS: ■ Howto lower yourcar inan aftern oon Posters #419 KELSEY April2020 ■ ■ FCR419 .cover.jt3. indd 1 EssenRepor­t £5.99 TRAX Repor t media ■ KELSEY media dia Print version KELSEY FCR420.cover.JT7. indd 2 Pull-out Poster s media di ■ FCR4 15. cover .jt5.indd Produ cts 1 ■ 15/03/2020 19:20 Projec tsand NewCar News ■ Decem ber 2019 17/02/2020 £4.99 09:52­on/FTC 25/10/ 2019 13:43 ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER? Manage your subscripti­on online at DISTRIBUTI­ON IN THE UK Marketforc­e (UK), 2nd Floor, 5 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HU Tel: 020 3787 9001 Digital version Distributi­on in Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland Newspread: Tel: +353 23 886 3850 PRINTING William Gibbons & Sons Ltd Kelsey Media 2020 © all rights reserved. Kelsey Media is a trading name of Kelsey Publishing Ltd. Reproducti­on in whole or in part is forbidden except with permission in writing from the publishers. Note to contributo­rs: articles submitted for considerat­ion by the editor must be the original work of the author and not previously published. Where photograph­s are included, which are not the property of the contributo­r, permission to reproduce them must have been obtained from the owner of the copyright. The editor cannot guarantee a personal response to all letters and emails received. The views expressed in the magazine are not necessaril­y those of the Editor or the Publisher. Kelsey Publishing Ltd accepts no liability for products and services offered by third parties. Kelsey Media takes your personal data very seriously. For more informatio­n of our privacy policy, please visit If at any point you have any queries regarding Kelsey’s data policy you can email our Data Protection Officer at Part of the Fast Car Entertainm­ent Family 006 Subscripti­ons are available from – Back issues are available from – one-off offer – £9.99 You can purchase a digital copy or subscripti­on from –

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