Dan’s missed the sum­mer in the Sierra Cossie but fi­nally body work con­tin­ues, while the Fo­cus ST250 is pre­par­ing for an RS brake up­grade…

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Sum­mer al­ways seems like the time to spend work­ing on your cars, spruc­ing up for show sea­son and adding mod­i­fi­ca­tions for some se­ri­ous time on track.

Only it never re­ally works out that way.

In­stead of get­ting my Sierra back in one piece I’ve spent hours re­pair­ing and re­build­ing my Land Rover (which, as any De­fender owner will tell you, is pretty much a full-time job). And rather than tak­ing my Fon­deo to a tuner for its Stage 2 up­grades, I’ve been spend­ing the cash on my work­shop and tools. You’ve gotta have your toys, right?

Still, that doesn’t mean my Fast Ford project cars are ig­nored and unloved. Far from it, in fact.

The Cossie has been prepped for its top coat by my mate, Rich, who’s a bit of a per­fec­tion­ist when it comes to clas­sic cars. Never in my life have I seen so many hours of flat­ting, prim­ing and flat­ting again. De­spite my protes­ta­tions that it’s only an old Sierra, the prep­ping con­tin­ued un­abated. The top coat should be painted and buffed by the time you read this.

As for the Fon­deo, its stan­dard brakes have taken on the tra­di­tional fast Ford jud­der­ing thanks to some heavy-footed fun, and it’s time for some bet­ter stop­pers.

The ideal so­lu­tion, of course, is a pair of Fo­cus RS Mk3 Brembo front calipers, which I bought from Bur­ton Power. They’re priced re­mark­ably rea­son­ably (around the £500 mark) for brand-new light­weight four-pots from a top-notch man­u­fac­turer. As I write, I’m cur­rently choos­ing which discs and pads will best suit an ST250 that gen­er­ally does lit­tle more than carry a pair of spaniels around.

In the mean­time I’ll be spray­ing the Brem­bos with Fo­li­atec two-part caliper paint (£30). I’ve cho­sen red to match the Fon­deo’s Style Pack rear brakes, and I may even add white Brembo de­cals. They should look the part, if ever I get around to buy­ing the 19in rims I’ve promised for the car - which, at this rate, looks un­likely be­fore the end of sum­mer…

Dan's bought some Mk3 RS calipers ready for a brake up­grade on the Fo­cus...Peron / AET Mo­tor­sport Stage One remap Steeda cold air in­let sys­tem Steeda short-shifter kit H&R 25mm low­er­ing springs H&R 20mm wheel spac­ers Pow­er­flex Han­dling Pack Tur­bosmart dump valve ...but they need paint­ing red to match the rears be­fore he fits them SIERRA QUICK SPEC Sierra Cosworth Stage 3 YBB (205 block)RS500 in­ter­cooler GAZ coil-overs RS500-style split­ter Comp MOs Hose Tech­nik hoses Pow­er­flex bushes Work on the Cossie has re­sumed, but Dan's re­signed to the fact it won't be on the road this year

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