Fast Ford - - Buyer’s Guide Escort Rs Cosworth -

Never the great­est stop­pers even when new, the Es­cort Cosworth’s brak­ing sys­tem com­prised reg­u­lar Ford float­ing calipers with 278mm discs up front and 273mm discs at the back – al­though at least the rears were ven­ti­lated, un­like even the cur­rent Fo­cus RS…

With good-qual­ity pads the brakes are ad­e­quate for a stan­dard Cossie, al­though they’re prone to wear­ing heav­ily: jud­der­ing from the pedal and click­ing from the pads are the usual results, gen­er­ally caused by con­tam­i­nated discs – but make sure bro­ken sus­pen­sion com­po­nents aren’t to blame.

The pedal should feel firm yet com­mu­nica­tive, and the car should stop in a straight line. If not, sus­pect a stick­ing caliper.

Rear calipers are prone to seiz­ing on the hand­brake mech­a­nism, ei­ther in the on or off po­si­tion; jack up the car to find out.

The stan­dard Teves ABS is rel­a­tively trou­ble-free, al­though faults are pricey to fix. If the ABS warn­ing lamp is glow­ing, it could be due to any­thing from a dirty wheel sen­sor to failed ABS pump, while bro­ken wiring, fuses and fluid level sen­sors may also be to blame.

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