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By far the big­gest worry of any Cossie buyer, cor­ro­sion can take hold of any Es­cort, re­gard­less of mileage.

The sills are the most com­mon area for rust, and if an Es­cort hasn’t re­ceived weld­ing un­der­neath, chances are it’ll be in need of re­pair. Even mint ex­am­ples cor­rode be­hind the side skirts, so don’t be dis­heart­ened if it’s not that ‘never-welded’ car you were dream­ing of.

It’s vi­tal to check ev­ery­where for rust: the en­tire floor­pan, rear chas­sis rails, bulk­head, in­ner wings, sus­pen­sion tur­rets, bat­tery tray (if it’s still there), front cross­mem­ber, rear whee­larches (inside and out), fuel filler and door bot­toms.

Re­mem­ber that al­most ev­ery exterior panel (bar the roof, pil­lars and doors) is unique to the Es­cort Cossie, and there­fore ex­pen­sive to re­place. Like­wise, items such as the front bumper and split­ter are sus­cep­ti­ble to break­age, so ac­count for the cost of re­pairs if they’re tatty.

Ac­ci­dent dam­age is a ma­jor worry, so look out for creases in the floor­pan, in­ner wings and boot floor, poor panel gaps and mis­matched paint­work. There are still loads of re­paired write-offs around, which are worth con­sid­er­ably less than straight cars.

If you find an Es­cort Cosworth with­out the large rear wing, it’s prob­a­bly a rare Aero Pack dele­tion op­tion; its value is equiv­a­lent to the reg­u­lar model. Like­wise, all colours are sim­i­larly de­sir­able – so un­less your heart is set on a par­tic­u­lar shade, buy on con­di­tion in­stead.

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