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If your turbo isn’t at full boost you’re not get­ting full per­for­mance, so you know what you need? Anti-lag! There’s a few vari­a­tions on this, from the com­mon stuff that works from a stand­ing start only, to ‘rolling anti-lag’ which peo­ple use for roll rac­ing, to proper rally-style anti-lag which can give you full boost lit­er­ally all the time. The ba­sic idea is the same; to get your car pro­duc­ing boost when nor­mally it wouldn’t be, and there­fore al­low­ing you to ac­cel­er­ate like a rocket the in­stant you open the throt­tle.

All forms of anti-lag can po­ten­tially shorten the life of cer­tain en­gine parts due to their ag­gres­sive na­ture and in­creased heat build-up, and they all make a lot of noise too. But it’s so ef­fec­tive that it’s con­sid­ered vi­tal to be com­pet­i­tive in most mo­tor­sports in­volv­ing tur­bocharged cars th­ese days.

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