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Be­fore buy­ing your Fi­esta, choose which model you’d pre­fer. The 1.0 Ecoboost was avail­able in three- or five-door form, with the lat­ter be­ing more prac­ti­cal but less sporty­look­ing.

The early Zetec S was three-door only, boast­ing funky bodykit, sporty grilles and 16in al­loys (later upped to 17in). The mega-pop­u­lar 140PS Red and Black edi­tions were three-door mod­els, with black 17in al­loys and con­trast­ing roof/mir­ror colours. The ST-Line was also of­fered as a five­door, and you can add the bodykit to an ear­lier ma­chine if de­sired.

Rust doesn’t seem to be af­fect­ing the Mk7 like Fi­es­tas of old, but it’s cer­tainly worth check­ing the rear whee­larches, door bot­toms or any­where pan­els may meet and rub to­gether.

Cor­ro­sion is a warn­ing sign that the car has re­ceived some non-fac­tory paint­work, which would gen­er­ally mean it’s been in a prang of some kind. Many EcoBoost Fi­es­tas are in the hands of in­ex­pe­ri­enced driv­ers, lots are on fi­nance and some are even unin­sured; the chance of find­ing a pre­vi­ously-dam­aged (and pos­si­bly badly-re­paired) ex­am­ple are high.

Mk7 pan­els are cheap and plen­ti­ful sec­ond-hand, so when mi­nor ac­ci­dents oc­cur, many own­ers sim­ply re­place with used com­po­nents in the cor­rect colour; bumpers and front wings, for ex­am­ple, bolt into place, so check for ev­i­dence of span­ners hav­ing been used on the bolt heads.

Make sure all of the pan­els line up, and look out for Ford stick­ers with part num­bers, which show they’ve been re­placed.

Ex­am­ine the un­der­side for creases, fresh paint­work/un­der­seal and signs of over­spray; look out for over­spray, too, on win­dow rub­bers, lights and glass. Sim­i­larly, runs in the paint­work and or­ange-peel fin­ish are warn­ing signs.

The Zetec S and ST-Line mod­els came with a de­cent spec in­te­rior

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