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Grant’s ST2 is a stealthy lit­tle weapon, look­ing like the sort of thing Darth Vader nips out to Aldi in. “I’ve owned it for two years, and have been slowly mod­ding it over time,” he tells us. “I also have a daily driver, so the ST comes out at the week­ends for plea­sure! It’s run­ning a moun­tune air­box and cat-back with Revo Stage 1 soft­ware, and it has a sub­tle sus­pen­sion drop on moun­tune springs.” Grant’s also opted for TRC split­ters and brows, Zun­sport grilles, Vel­losa Tech dif­fuser fins, and a de-badged tail­gate with wiper delete. The in­te­rior’s largely stock save for an SS-Tun­ing gear­knob and gaiter, but over­all this rep­re­sents the sweet spot of ST tun­ing – well-cho­sen and ef­fec­tive up­grades to en­hance Ford’s al­ready ex­cel­lent plat­form. Nice work, Grant!

QUICK SPEC moun­tune air­box and cat-back ex­haust, Revo Stage 1 map, moun­tune springs, Zun­sport grilles

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