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Daz wasted no time in get­ting stuck into mod­i­fy­ing his Mk3 RS, with Hendy Per­for­mance based just up the road in Southamp­ton prov­ing the in­spi­ra­tion (or in­sti­ga­tion!) for many of the up­grades. But that wasn’t the orig­i­nal plan. “I was ac­tu­ally look­ing for a Mk2 Fo­cus RS,” Daz laughs, “but Hendy had one of th­ese in, and the more I looked into it, the more it made fi­nan­cial sense to go for the Mk3 over the Mk2. So I did…”

With the or­der form com­plete, Daz just had to wait un­til his shiny new RS was de­liv­ered. But dur­ing that time he’d seen the per­for­mance parts cat­a­logue at Hendy’s, so be­fore the car even ar­rived he’d booked it in for a moun­tune FPM375 up­grade. “It’s just con­tin­ued from there re­ally,” smirks Daz, “six months later it went in for the MSD400 up­grade along with the moun­tune in­let and other sup­port­ing mods, then the wheels, and most re­cently the SS Tun­ing front split­ter went on.”

It takes a fair amount of guts to mod­ify a brand new car, but Daz is no stranger to a well-tweaked RS hav­ing owned a string of RS Tur­bos and Cossies in the past. And, it’s not as if the up­grades have up­set the Mk3’s road man­ners; all mods have been care­fully se­lected to im­prove per­for­mance but not com­pro­mise the drive­abil­ity or us­abil­ity. It may be a week­end toy and a car to en­joy at shows and events, but Daz still wants to get be­hind the wheel as of­ten as he can. “Be­tween the stan­dard car and what it is now, it’s a mil­lion times dif­fer­ent,” he in­forms us. And it’s set to get even bet­ter still , es­pe­cially if Daz keeps look­ing at all the up­grades Hendy can of­fer…

QUICK SPEC 2017 Fo­cus RS, 2.3-litre EcoBoost, MSD400 soft­ware, moun­tune cross over and sec­ondary in­take, moun­tune air fil­ter, moun­tune in­let man­i­fold, moun­tune in­ter­cooler, moun­tune charge pipe kit, Mill­tek sports cat, Eibach springs, OZ Rac­ing ‘Rally Rac­ing’ al­loys, SS Tun­ing front split­ter, car­bon mir­ror cov­ers, 402bhp and 560lb.ft

Daz orig­i­nally wanted a Mk2 RS, but was soon won over by the per­for­mance and ap­peal of the Mk3 Power is cur­rently a healthy 402bhp, but we doubt Daz will stop there! There was no miss­ing this eye-pop­ping Mk2 Fo­cus RS

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