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Paul O'con­nor wins a mixed dozen of Fowles Are You Game wines for his con­tri­bu­tion to sim­ple “calm down” cook­ing as demon­strated in the May is­sue by Jose Pren­der­gast's co­conut and lime duck leg with warm sweet potato.

Paul told us the first recipe was his favourite way of util­is­ing wild duck fil­lets and the sec­ond one takes care of the left­over wedges.

Hot Smoked Duck Fil­lets In­gre­di­ents

• Breast fil­lets off 4–6 large ducks (black­ies or wood­ies) • Brine — 2 tbsp of salt into 500 ml of wa­ter


• Soak clean fil­lets in the brine for 24–36 hours. • Dry fil­lets with pa­per towel. • Sprin­kle light coat­ing of red gum (or your favourite) saw­dust over base of smoker. • Place fil­lets onto top rack in hot smoker, with a drip tray on bot­tom rack to catch mois­ture. • Put half a cup of methy­lated spir­its into fuel dish and ig­nite. • Place smoker with fil­lets on top — cook­ing time about 20–30 min­utes de­pend­ing on am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture.


Op­tion 1: Hot with ve­g­ies or salad, 1 to 2 fil­lets per per­son.

Op­tion 2: Slice thin (3–5 mm slices cut across the grain) and serve warm, mixed through a green salad.

Op­tion 3: Serve cold — sliced thin and eaten straight up with a tooth pick or on favourite crack­ers (dob of home­made rel­ish op­tional). Note: Slic­ing thin helps in lo­cat­ing any teeth-bust­ing steel pel­lets. Re­sult: All sen­sa­tional

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