Anti-hunt­ing pro­pa­ganda plumbs new depths

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A crude leaflet dis­trib­uted in in­ner city Mel­bourne gives some in­di­ca­tion of the depths an­i­mal lib­er­a­tionists are pre­pared to go. Al­though poorly pro­duced and un­signed, the con­tent of an anti-hunt­ing leaflet cir­cu­lated in Mel­bourne is de­tailed and clearly tar­geted at the un­in­formed mid­dle ground who know lit­tle about hunt­ing or wild food.

It seeks to draw a con­tentious and mis­lead­ing link be­tween Field & Game Aus­tralia, hunt­ing and the scourge of vi­o­lent youth crime sweep­ing Mel­bourne.

It at­tacks Daniel An­drews’ La­bor Gov­ern­ment in Vic­to­ria for putting $5.4 mil­lion into shooting sports, mis­rep­re­sent­ing the grants as be­ing as­so­ci­ated with the killing of an­i­mals.

Those grants have funded fa­cil­i­ties for branches, im­proved ac­ces­si­bil­ity and pro­vided vi­tal equip­ment to main­tain pop­u­lar clay tar­get com­pe­ti­tions for men, women and ju­niors.

This ap­palling leaflet makes the out­ra­geous claim that FGA is Aus­tralia’s ver­sion of the Na­tional Ri­fle As­so­ci­a­tion and that through shooting sports we seek to nor­malise vi­o­lent be­hav­iour in chil­dren. “How long can it be be­fore they bring a gun to the next brawl?” the leaflet asks.

The leaflet cites the sanc­tioned duck and quail sea­sons as gov­ern­ment spon­sor­ship of killing an­i­mals, the nat­u­ral ex­ten­sion of which is a pro­gres­sion to vi­o­lence against other hu­mans.

A char­ac­ter­is­tic of psy­chopaths is that they have at some stage en­gaged in cru­elty to, or killing of an­i­mals but the author twists the sci­ence to in­stead sug­gest that killing an­i­mals pro­duces psy­chopaths who kill peo­ple.

The leaflet is so whacky no­body put a name to it but never the less, it is out there and some who read it may well be­lieve it. It is an­other rea­son to ex­plain why the real story of FGA, hunt­ing and wild food for the ta­ble is so im­por­tant.

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