Bar­ren Box, NSW, 1960


We were all hav­ing lunch af­ter a great morn­ing’s shoot. All mem­bers of the party had bagged out and the ducks were now dressed and in the freezer. One of our guests was Jack Thomp­son, the man re­spon­si­ble for bring­ing the Ger­man short­haired pointer dogs into Aus­tralia.

Jack was one of the best han­dlers of gun­dogs in this coun­try, but he was also a bug­ger of a shot.

He would al­ways have a boat­load of dogs with him and per­haps this ex­plains his story and most likely the rea­son for his loss.

Jack came back to camp look­ing most wor­ried. I asked the rea­son for this look and he told us he had lost his gun over­board.

He had marked the spot well and he asked if we could help him re­cover this valu­able gun, which was in about eight feet of wa­ter.

I knew of this gun. It was a top grade Beretta SO EELL u/o with three sets of bar­rels, and I also knew its value. Any­how, a posse was formed and we mo­tored out to the spot. I asked Jack if the gun was loaded, the re­ply be­ing ‘no’. The first diver was Keith Russell: he dived in and you would not be­lieve it, the first think he touched with his foot was the gun. Ev­ery­one was de­lighted, es­pe­cially Jack. He in­sisted on giv­ing Keith a re­ward. “All I want is a dou­ble-headed ice cream,” Keith said. Jack put the freezer in the car and mo­tored back into Grif­fith, bring­ing back ice cream for ev­ery­one.

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