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@lan­don­dono­van Two hours ago, I had more ca­reer World Cup goals than Ron­aldo, clearly mak­ing me the bet­ter player. Then he scored a hat-trick...

@norock Some­one’s ripped off Richard Osman’s World Cup idea and is do­ing it with foot­ball.

@eaa­ma­lyon It’s what Lenin would have wanted, stuck be­tween the Adi­das fan shop and Co­cacola tent. #Foot­ball­fam­ily @Sachin­nakrani I want Mark Lawrenson to com­men­tate on my fu­neral. “Nice cof­fin... not!”

@andi_thomas Ev­ery time that I see Jorge Sam­paoli I think, ‘Wow, An­dre Agassi is *re­ally* an­gry now’.

@Yokhin Se­cu­rity guy at Luzh­niki: What is that bot­tle-shaped ob­ject in your bag? Me: It’s a bot­tle. The guy: OK, go ahead.

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