Plas­tic lit­ter the last straw

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IT was the last straw for Fre­man­tle bar owner Greg Leaver when he no­ticed hun­dreds of sin­gle use plas­tic straws dumped in the bin each night.

Mr Leaver has banned the use of plas­tic straws at in­ner Fre­man­tle bar Strange Com­pany, la­belling them a “use­less” item.

“I live on the coast in North Fre­man­tle so each day I walk on the beach and pick up plas­tic when I see it and a lot of that is straws; we have to do our part and cut down that waste in some way,” he said.

“When you think about it, straws don’t serve much pur­pose, you don’t re­ally need them; you don’t usu­ally drink at home with a straw so why do you need to drink your gin and tonic with a straw?

“They are used once for about a minute and then thrown out.”

Mr Leaver said he had or­dered a 100 per cent biodegrad­able, com­postable straws made from dex­trose, a veg­etable starch turned into sugar.

“Yes, they are about four times more ex­pen­sive than plas­tic straws but we will use a lot less of them be­cause we’re not go­ing to put them on the bar and will only give them to cus­tomers if they ask for one,” he said. “We’d rather use straws that are not harm­ful.”


Strange Com­pany owner Greg Leaver has dumped plas­tic straws for good at his bar.

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