Fremantle Gazette : 2020-09-17

ZEST FOR LIFE : 17 : 17


ZEST FOR LIFE ADVERTISIN­G FEATURE 17 September 17, 2020 “ Like most people, Joan found getting care for her husband at home really complicate­d. Until she called me. “ Leonie Demunk, Amana Living Customer Care “Joan was finding it harder to care for her husband Arthur, as his needs increased. She was also finding it overwhelmi­ngly complicate­d to get the added support he needed to continue living at home. My profession­al training and hands-on experience at Amana Living meant I was able to explain things in plain language and help her through each of the steps, just like we’ve done for thousands of other people. If you’re also finding all this a bit complicate­d, just call me, and we’ll sort it out together.” Profession­ally trained. Naturally kind. 1300 26 26 26 amanalivin­ | COC PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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