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Keeps you guess­ing

- Lucy Ruther­ford Entertainment · Agatha Christie · Lambert Wilson

THE Trans­la­tors brings to­gether a multi-na­tional cast of char­ac­ters for a lit­er­ary who­dun­nit with enough twists and turns to sat­isfy any mys­tery fan.

Pub­lisher Eric Angstrom (Lam­bert Wil­son) has hired nine lin­guists to trans­late the fi­nal book in a block­buster tril­ogy from French into their na­tive lan­guage.

To main­tain ab­so­lute se­crecy they must hun­ker down in a lux­ury bunker, with­out phones or in­ter­net, and trans­late the man­u­script a few pages at a time.

So when Angstrom re­ceives an email say­ing the first 10 pages have been up­loaded to the in­ter­net and there are more to fol­low if he does not pay a hefty ran­som, he knows only one of the nine could have done it.

Much like Knives Out last year, The Trans­la­tors sets out to have fun with the genre, play­ing around with the in­gre­di­ents of a good mys­tery with ar­che­typal char­ac­ters and the en­closed set­ting.

Also sim­i­larly, half­way through it be­comes more of a why-dun­nit and the why of it is an in­tri­cate web of twists that will have you guess­ing right up to the last sec­ond.

As the ten­sion in­creases, so does the melo­drama, yet any Agatha Christie fan knows this is what makes the genre so en­joy­able to watch.

But The Trans­la­tors is also about the high stakes of the art and busi­ness of lan­guage, whether you are the one who writes it or sells it.

 ??  ?? A multi-na­tional cast stars in The Trans­la­tors.
A multi-na­tional cast stars in The Trans­la­tors.

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