The Souped-Up Sim­pler

Get to know Live’s work­horse sam­pler and its trio of sam­pling modes


The star at­trac­tion of Live’s much-dis­cussed 9.5 up­date was the re­vamped Sim­pler, re­designed to deeply in­te­grate with Able­ton’s Push 2 con­troller. Be­fore the up­date, warp­ing could only be ap­plied di­rectly within au­dio clips, but it’s now a key fea­ture in­side Sim­pler too – ac­ti­vate Warp and a clip’s tim­ing in­for­ma­tion is re­tained, mean­ing your stretched clips will play back in time with your pro­ject. Cos­met­i­cally, it’s been given a visual spruce-up, with its lay­out stream­lin­ing the Live/Push ex­pe­ri­ence sig­nif­i­cantly. You can even pop out its main wave­form dis­play into the main De­vice View via a right-click menu op­tion.

As well as a facelift, warp­ing in­te­gra­tion and the ad­di­tion of sev­eral ana­logue-mod­elled fil­ter types, the up­dated in­stru­ment now fea­tures a trio of sep­a­rate sam­pling modes, switched be­tween via the three but­tons on the left of its dis­play. Let’s take a closer look at them…

One-Shot Switch to the mono­phonic One-Shot mode, de­signed to trig­ger drums and short sam­ples, and the sound will play right to the end of its length, no mat­ter how short your trig­ger­ing notes are. The ADSR amp en­ve­lope is swapped for sim­pli­fied fade in/out con­trols, and loop­ing is also de­ac­ti­vated.

Slice Slice mode is for chop­ping and play­ing back in­di­vid­ual sounds within a loop – eg, the sep­a­rate slices of a break­beat – ei­ther mono­phon­i­cally or poly­phon­i­cally. Ad­just the slic­ing sen­si­tiv­ity to re­duce the num­ber of slices, use Pad Slic­ing to punch in cus­tom slices and Nudge to fine-tune each seg­ment’s start point.

Clas­sic Sim­pler’s Clas­sic mode is for sam­pling and play­ing back ‘reg­u­lar’ melodic and pitched in­stru­ments with up to eight voices of polyphony. This mode works like any tra­di­tional soft sam­pler, with con­trols for sam­ple play­back start/end, sus­tain loop­ing and an ADSR am­pli­tude en­ve­lope as stan­dard.

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