Re­sam­pled Per­cus­sion With The Pi­o­neer To­raiz SP-16


Sam­pling and play­ing back part of an ex­ist­ing beat is a great way to make cre­ative per­cus­sion that fits well with your project. This can be done with sim­ple rout­ing in soft­ware, but the SP-16 lets us do it with hard­ware

To take things fur­ther, we se­quence our new sound up an oc­tave, then route it out of out­put 2/3 and into a de­lay pedal. We then route this back into the Line-In and sam­ple a bar of it.

We trim the record­ing and set the bpm to that of our project so it can be trig­gered as a loop. Now we mix it in with a beat made of our orig­i­nal sam­ples and a kick, for a unique drum groove.

We trim the start and end of the record­ing, save it to the pad, then set it to One Shot mode. Now we can use the Scale mode to play our sam­ple at dif­fer­ent pitches us­ing the Scale mode.

Let’s re­sam­ple our lit­tle loop. In a new sam­ple chan­nel we open the Sam­pling/Edit win­dow. We set the In­put to re­sam­ple the main out­put. We hit record and cap­ture a bar of the loop.

We start with a com­pletely empty project. Let’s load up a trio of fairly stan­dard per­cus­sive sounds – taken from the Loop­mas­ters fac­tory packs supplied on its hard drive – across the first three pads.

Turn­ing on the metronome for ref­er­ence, we pro­gram a straight­for­ward sin­gle bar beat loop, which can ei­ther be done via the se­quencer or recorded with the pads.

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