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The Ja­panese sound­de­sign artist’s lat­est is rich in beauty, emo­tion and at­mo­spheric pres­ence. Mi­rage’s au­ral com­plex­i­ties are in­flu­enced by the sounds Hatakeyama ex­pe­ri­enced waft­ing through the labyrinthian bazaars whilst trav­el­ling in Turkey. Highly tex­tured, dense and full of murky tones, the al­bum lingers like a dis­tant mem­ory. His com­po­si­tions are built of hazy lay­ers, dimmed melodies, elon­gated pads and dis­torted field record­ings. Hazy, del­i­cate and dream­like, the at­mos­phere is in­tense and deeply im­mer­sive, cre­at­ing a feel­ing of some­thing just out of reach. Its post-am­bi­ent ex­per­i­men­ta­tions emit style and grace that adds an artis­tic and cine­matic feel to the whole al­bum. Haunt­ing, soli­tary and for­lorn, yet un­der­pinned by a sense of in­ner peace and calm, Mi­rage feels laid bare with a gen­tle and quiet con­fi­dence. It’s within th­ese con­tra­dic­tions and its over­rid­ing soul­ful sin­cer­ity that this record’s de­lights truly be­gin to emerge. A mas­ter­ful al­bum from a pow­er­fully skilled artist, this is Hatakeyama at his ex­pan­sive best.


Starlight and Black Echo,| Voices on the Cor­ner, Phan­tom| Cats in Cathe­dral| 8/10

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